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How to Get Accepted Under a False Name

How to Get Accepted Under a False NameTo pass an undergraduate university admission test in the United States, a candidate must write a ten-page or longer essay that is submitted under a pseudonym. Typically, students will need to compile a list of references, and they will submit this in addition to their application essay. If you are taking an English or Comparative Literature exam, you must use a pseudonym to avoid a grade of zero on the exam. This works especially well for those who choose to use a false name because there is no way to verify who you are when you submit your application.However, if you do not have a fake name, or if you wish to use a pseudonym for other reasons, then you will want to know what kind of essay samples are offered for anonymity. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including the ones listed below. Most of these tend to be accepted by colleges, as long as they contain a substance. All of them contain the following two guidelines:The first is a list of facts and figures, or what I like to call an essay that is filled with details. Such an essay contains information that can easily be verified. While it will probably be accepted, a reader who cannot accurately remember such information is unlikely to pick up any particular meaning or theme in your essay.The second guideline that helps you reach the criteria for anonymity is to simply avoid using any important elements that can be perceived as personal. For example, avoid quoting from your own work. Your teaching or direct experience should always stand on its own. If you do need to use a quote that is true, then a second, more insightful quote from someone who shares similar experiences can always replace the first.Finally, allow anonymity in order to save your time. The more you focus on the importance of getting accepted, the less likely you are to waste the essay sample reader's time. This is an area where an essay should focus primarily on the reader's needs and not y ours. Be sure to focus on your application essay, so that you can give a reasonable explanation for why you believe you are worthy of admission.Anonymous writing is not an easy task, but it can be achieved with practice. You should study all of the available essays that are available and try to understand what is required of you to meet the criteria for anonymity.After you get accepted to college, the essay sample you choose should allow you to focus your writing on what the reader wants to know, rather than on what you want to say. You will need to be confident and concise, and will need to allow others to judge you as well.

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Lessons Learned from A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings...

Lessons Learned from A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings is a short fiction story written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1955. Magical realism plays a major part in this story by the use of fantasy of an old man being portrayed as an angel who has come to create miracles to a family along with many other believers. Some will believe, others will just shoo this so called angel away in a painful and heart-breaking way. I enjoyed this story very much. I was able to get very interested. Marquez starts it out with On the third day of rain. That line right there is magical because angels are of God, and on the third day Gods son rose from the grave. It was the third day that Pelayo came upon†¦show more content†¦Just like in this story, many people were throwing leftover foods to him, coming to him just for a miracle, then having nothing more to do with him. They had only used him and did not see him for who he really was. What would seem to be humiliating to me and was to the angel, I assume, was that a priest, Father Gonzaga, sent away to Rome for a judgment on what they should do. A human with wings was foreign to these people. Some did not believe because an angel is appeared to be beautiful. This old man was just your average Joe with wings to many people. However, some had paid money to see this supernatural creature. What was magical at this point was when Marquez talks about the woman who disobeyed her parents and was changed into a spider. How magical can this be? A woman, who is a spider the size of a ram! The angel and this woman were the main attractions of the town. The realistic element here is obvious. For instance, in the town of Ironton, when someone goes to use the bathroom everyone knows about it. Similarly, it did not take long for this town to hear the news. Anyway, the woman spider ended up getting more attention because her story was of the truth to the town and the angel was only of mocking fun. Anyhow, people had paid so much money that Pelayo and his family became rich. They built a mansion. Their child played with the angel. The angel a nd their son both came down with the chicken pox at the same time. An angelShow MoreRelatedA Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Essay1500 Words   |  6 PagesKnown Verses the Unknown The unknown is a very vague concept when it comes to literature. Depending on the text and who is reading it, it can be understood in different ways. In Marquez’s â€Å"A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings† the village determines the unknown based off what they already about angels. In â€Å"The Elephant in the Village of the Blind† the blind villagers try to figure out the elephant by using their senses other than eye sight, to agree on the unknown animal. In the beginning of both textsRead MoreEssay on A Study of a Very Old Man with Enormous Wings1150 Words   |  5 Pageseye in the story A VERY OLD MAN WITH ENORMOUS WINGS. Our perspectives are disoriented as we are enchanted with beautiful prose and appaled by people’s actions. Through the use of percpective and magical realism Marquez conveys mob mentality and people’s reactions to something unusual. Through the use of magical realism, Marquez shows us the absurdidity of people’s actions. The large man with enormous wings converys people’s misunderstanding of the unknown. Although the large man is thought to be anRead MoreBruce Lee Way Of The Dragon Essay4985 Words   |  20 Pagesan American and Hong Kong-based actor, film director, philosopher, poet and martial artist. More importantly, he was the inventor of Jeet Kune Do a improvised martial arts technique and a ambitious person. Bruce Lee started learning Wing Chun with his master Yip Man at age of only 13. And by the age of 18 he had already played in 20 movies. Later in the United states of America, Lee introduced Martial arts in 1960s when the terms like karate and taekwondo was not even a familiar terms. Lee wasRead MoreEssay on Voyage and Psychological Development in Homers Odyssey3283 Words   |  14 Pagesis not the gray-eyed Athena, daughter of rain-bringing Zeus himself, bound in devotion to this mo rtal hero? It is she who repeatedly enhances Odysseus appearance so as to impress upon others his god-like qualities: And Athene, she who was born from Zeus, made him Bigger to look at and stouter, and on his head Made his hair flow in curls, like the hyacinth flower . . . So she poured grace upon his head and shoulders. (6.229-35) In anointing Odysseus in similar fashion throughout the taleRead More My Best Friend is Dead Essay5311 Words   |  22 Pagesworking with Chippers mother Sue teaching music lessons in town. The He- Man connection must have been what initially tipped our parents off that we would be good friends. I remember my mom asking me if I wanted to play with this kid who had Castle Greyskull, a large green molded castle that He- Man lived inside of with the other Masters of the Universe. The answer was, of course, Yes! and we met one afternoon while both my mom and Sue taught lessons at the Church. We played that first afternoonRead MoreBoeing 7678446 Words   |  34 PagesHarvard Business School 9-688-040 Rev. April 1, 1991 The Boeing 767: From Concept to Production (A) In August 1981, eleven months before the first scheduled delivery of Boeing’s new airplane, the 767, Dean Thornton, the program’s vice president-general manager, faced a critical decision. For several years, Boeing had lobbied the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for permission to build wide-bodied aircraft with two-, rather than three-person cockpits. Permission had been granted lateRead MoreFor Against by L.G. Alexander31987 Words   |  128 Pages By the same author SIXTY STEPS TO PRECIS POETRY AND PROSE APPRECIATION ESSAY AND LEITER ·WRITING A FIRST BOOK IN COMPREHENSION PRECIS AND COMPOSITION ras CARTERS OF GREENWOOD (Cineloops) DETECTIVES FROM SCOTLAND YARD (Longman Structural Readers, Stage 1) CAR THIEVES [Longman Structural Readers, Stage 1) WORTH A FORTUNE [Longman Structural Readers, Stage 2) APRIL FOOLS DAY [Longman Structural Readers, Stage 2) PROFESSOR BOFFIN S UMBRELLA (Longman Structural Readers, Stage 2) OPERATION MASfERMINDRead MoreEssay on The History of Conflict in Ireland14775 Words   |  60 PagesBut Protestants have a sense of history which goes back to at least the seventeenth century, where from the time of the plantation of Ulster at the beginning of the 1600s, they have had to look to their own resources to ensure that they remained in control in the north of Ireland because theyd lost control in the rest of Ireland. So what you have are two sides with a very strong sense of history, a history in which they believed themselves to be victims, Catholics believedRead MoreCommon Knowledge : How Companies Thrive by Sharing What They Know56617 Words   |  227 PagesDoris Adams, who I can always count on for a careful and thoughtful response; Marieeve Marchand, whose ideas push my own; Catherine Fitzgerald, whose breadth of knowledge keeps me humble; and Rick Ross, my colleague and sometimes coauthor, who provides very helpful, practical insight. Page 1 Chapter 1 Introduction A great cartoon in the New Yorker some years back showed two venerable men, obviously scientists, sitting back to back at their respective desks. One says to the other, It s just comeRead MoreLena Horne9265 Words   |  38 PagesSinger/actress Lena Hornes primary occupation was nightclub entertaining, a profession she pursued successfully around the world for more than 60 years, from the 1930s to the 1990s. In conjunction with her club work, she also maintained a recording career that stretched from 1936 to 2000 and brought her three Grammys, including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989; she appeared in 16 feature films and several shorts between 1938 and 1978; she performed occasionally on Broadway, including in her

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The Enduring Hero in the Works of Ernest Hemingway Essay...

The Enduring Hero in the Works of Ernest Hemingway In his vast collection of masterpieces, Ernest Hemingway uses his own characteristics to set a moral code for his various heroes. This sportsman like code is based on the admiration of the physical virtues of courage and endurance. While not necessary for sustaining society, the code conforms the characters to one set of characteristics (McCaffery 237). One key element of this code is stoic endurance in the face of calamity. Hemingways code heroes posses a grin-and-bear it attitude even in the most dire of tragedies and bounce back seemingly unaffected (McCaffery 237). Often Hemingway tests the moral of the character in confrontations with death, which frequently directs his†¦show more content†¦After regaining consciousness, he carried a fellow wounded soldier but was shot in the knee and ankle in the process. For his endurance under pressure and bravery, Hemingway was awarded the Croce de Guerra with three citations and the Medaglia dArgento al Valore Militare, which was t he second highest Italian military decoration (McCaffery 46). The Snows of Kilimanjaro is a collection of short stories emphasizing the conduct of a code hero. In the actual Snows of Kilimanjaro story, Hemingway uses the heros guilt, frustration, and acts of destruction as tools to test his endurance (Geismar 60). Harry, the main character, faces death from gangrene, while at the same time is tired of his wife. Harrys fixation on death has to be masked in order to fit the calm and collective demeanor of the code hero: He cold stand pain as well as any man...Just when he had felt it breaking him, the pain had stopped...there was nothing to worry about (Kilimanjaro 23). Harry does not let his anxieties of death break his heroic code. He uses the boredom of his rich wife as an excuse to transform his anxiety in to raw aggravation and anger towards her: the rich were dull and they drank too much, or they played too much backgammon, he decides (Kilimanjaro 23). Harry triumphs through his steadfast refusal to give in emotionally to death. As he lies on his deathbed there is a sense of tranquility as he realizes he is going to Kilimanjaro. Not only has heShow MoreRelatedThe Old Man And The Sea Essay1718 Words   |  7 PagesErnest Hemingway is one of the greatest writing icons of the early to mid 20th century. Known mainly for his success in writing the critically acclaimed novel, The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway had many symbolic meanings instituted throughout this novel and many other works. Many having the theme of a hero confronting a natural force, as seen when Santiago confronts the mighty sea. Along with the heroic themes, Hemingway had become a religious Catholic man growing up and decided to include manyRead MoreEssay Ernest Hemingway2650 Words   |  11 Pages Ernest Hemingway’s tough, terse prose and short, declarative sentences did more to change the style of written English that any other writing in the twentieth century. Ernest Hemingway had many great accomplishments in his historical life but one event sticks out from the rest. The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway’s most enduring works. Told in Language of great simplicity and power, it is the story of an old Cuban fisherman, agonizing battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf StreamRead MoreErnest Hemingway Research Paper3978 Words   |  16 PagesMrs. Carmody Period 8 April 16, 2012 Wang 2 Many authors, critics, and everyday social readers define Ernest Hemingway as the prime example of 20th century American literature. Hemingway’s works transcend time itself, so that even readers today analyze and criticize his works. His works, of course, have drawn praises and animosity from all corners of the globe. Critics often applause Hemingway on his short simple prose, for which many people recognize him for. His writing builds upon the masterfulRead More Psychosocially Therapeutic Aspects of The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway6795 Words   |  28 PagesPsychosocially Therapeutic Aspects of The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway This exceptional story should be used as a therapeutic aid for hopeless and depressed people who needed a powerful force for continuing struggles of life against fate. They should say as the boy Manolin, Ill bring the luck by myself. In the story the old man tells us It is silly not to hope...besides I believe it is a sin. Hemingway draws a distinction between two different types of success: outer-material and inner-spiritualRead MoreHenry David Thoreau4404 Words   |  18 Pagesneeded]. From July 4, 1845, to September 6, 1847, he lived in a cabin he had built near Walden Pond, and during the summer of 1846 he spent a night in jail because of his refusal to pay taxes as a protest against slavery and the Mexican War Literary Works Thoreau wrote nature essays both early and late in his career. They range from the Natural History of Massachusetts (1842), which is supposedly a review but is actually a delightful discussion on the world of nature around him, to the felicitous

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Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Question: Discuss about the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Answer: Introduction: A prospectus is a formal document which is required and filled with the Australian securities and investment commission (ASIC). A prospectus has to be prepared by the company under which management status, background, financial aspects about the company would be provided so to enable the shareholder to take decision about whether to invest in the company or not. It is the requirement that prospectus must be lodged with both the ASX and Australian securities and investments commission (ASIC) . Australian securities exchange ltd (ASX ltd) is an Australian public company which operates primary stock exchange, the ASIC (also referred as Sydney stock exchange). A company has to follow a lawful process before its IPO. Firstly, the prospectus must comply with all the requirements of corporation act 2001. Secondly, it does not contain a deceptive statement, misleading, false or omit any material information. All this needs to be complied once lodged with ASIC. A due diligence committee (DDC) has been established to ensure the above requirements. The corporations act does not lay down all the matters that should be included in the prospectus. However matters to be included relating to company are liabilities and assets, financial condition, profit and loss, payments made to directors and advisors, the rights attaching to the securities,and terms and conditions of the offer. ASX provides a place where companies are able to raise capital and provide its shareholders a market over which they can trade freely (Kendalls, 2009). Trading companies (except foreign company) have to comply with the following listing requirements of ASX: There should be 500 holders having an amount of $2000 at least of the main securities, or 400 holders having $2000 at least of the main securities; here 25% can be hold by non related parties. The entity should have applied or has the permission for citing all the securities in main class of securities. The company must have been qualified either the profit test or the net tangible asset test if applicable. The issue price of the securities to be traded must be of minimum 20 cents in cash, and compliances of chapter 6 of ASXLR, which is securities obligations and rights. The ASX code of Kogan.com ltd is KGN, and its industry group as per GISC Industry group is retailing industry group. The current issue price of kogan.com on 23December, 2016 is 1.40 AUD (Australian dollar). The kogan.Com reveals in its prospectus that by 2017 financial year, its EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) has been forecasted as $6.9million. Currently kogan director Ruslan Kogan has no intention to pay dividend, rather his team is more interested in investing the earning in the company. The offer comprises of the priority offer, the broker firm offer, the institutional offer, the employee offer. There is no provision for general public and retail investors for trading shares. As per looking at the current scenario kogan.com as a retail industry is fastest growing company is Australia, hence as an investor it is a good decision to invest in the company. By this, the investor or shareholder can predict that there would be a good source of income generated to the shareholders in the form of dividend. Hence it can be expected in future that the company would one of the fastest retail industry, therefore it is a good decision to invest in the shares of the company. As per corporation act and ASX listing rules, it is the requirement for the company to pay dividend (interim, final, and bonus) as it is appropriate to the directors. And company should also fix the date, time and method of paying dividend. But while comparing this with current scenario the company is not fulfilling the basic requirement of paying dividend. In prospectus it was expected that the revenues, EBIDTA and net profit would be 4241.2 million, $6.9 million, and $0.8 million respectively and kogan.com would be selling 28 million shares approximately at a price of $1.80 each. Hence by comparing this with the current scenario it can be presumed that the share price is quite expensive. References: DLA1284, A guide to listing in Australia, accessed on 24 December, 2016, viewed on https://www.asx.com.au/documents/professionals/DLA1284_-_A_Guide_to_Listing_in_Australia.pdf ASX Limited, Listing requirements, accessed on 24 December,2016, viewed at https://www.asx.com.au/listings/listing-capital-raising/listing-requirements.htm ASX listing rules, Chapter 6, securities, accessed on 24December,2016, Viewed at https://www.asx.com.au/documents/rules/Chapter06.pdf Kendalls,B,.2009,Australian master accountants guide, McPhersons printing group, Australia Nolan,J,.1995,Australia business: the portable encyclopedia for doing business with Australia, World trade press, USA ASX Ltd, 2016, The Official list (listed companies), accessed at 24 December,2016, Viewed at https://www.asx.com.au/asx/research/listedCompanies.do?coName=K Powell,D,. 2016, accessed on 23 December, 2016, Viewed at https://www.startupsmart.com.au/advice/funding/five-takeaways-from-kogans-ipo-plans/

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Question 4 There Are Many Techniques Which Have Been Developed To Inc

Question 4: There are many techniques which have been developed to increase the efficiency of memory . Select 3 techniques , discuss them in detail and present examples of when they can be used. In the world today it is a must to be able to remember things. Memory is a big part in everyone's life. Their is hardly a day that goes by when you do not have to remember something. If someone doesn't have a great memory it could cause somewhat of a down fall in their professional life. In this paper I will discuss three different memorization habits and how they can be contributed to one's everyday lifestyle. One of many ways that help people memorize things is in a verbal sense called Rhymes. Rhyming is an easy way for someone to memorize certain things. This method is most common with children in school. Many people that grow up still remember these little detailed Rhymes that help them get threw school. Rhymes are nothing other than little saying's which sometimes make no sense , but when repeated in your mind it helps your recall what is need to know . The Rhyme that I remember best was used in math class " I ate and ate until I was sick on the floor eight times eight equals sixty-four ?' that saying is really kind of ridiculous , but I always new what eight times eight was . There are so many saying's out there and everyone of them will help anyone memorize. Rhymes have been and always will have a big impact on helping people in memorization. Another strategy to help on to memorize things is called Acrostics. Acrostics is nothing more than a saying in which the first letter of each word of the saying is the cue to help recall information you need to know . This method is very similar to the method of Rhyming , but you only use the one letter from each word to represent the cue for your needed information. One of the Acrostic phrases that many people were taught for learning notes in music class was ?' Every good boy does fine ?' . This saying helps people remember notes E, G, B, D, and F , which are five main chords, in order , used in music. Acrostic is not used as much as Rhyme; however, though they are very similar in style. Many people use this method , but really have no idea what it is called nor really care as long as it works , and it does . All people tend to do things the easy way , and their is nothing wrong with that as long as it works . There are certain methods for everything and it always helps to have some help when needed.The third method that will be discussed is the method of Loci. The method of Loci involves taking an imaginary walk along a familiar path where images of items to be remembered are associated with certain locations . The first step is to commit to memory a series of loci, or places along a path. Usually these loci are specific locations in your home or neighborhood. Then envision each thing you want to remember in one of these locations. Try to form vivid images . When you need to remember the things , imagine yourself on your path , which should serve as cues for the retrieval of the images you have formed ( Wayne Weiten, 2000 ). The usefulness of Loci helps assure yourself of remembering items in a certain order and the order is determined by the location sequence along the certain path. In this paper I have discussed and gave examples for three different ways to improve one's memory. There are many other methods in to help with memorization ;however , I believe these are the three most common used help methods. Each method has it's own direct way in helping one to memorize something for long periods of time. Memorizing is a everyday thing that is nearly necessary for everyday life. People have methods for doing everything and just because you do something one way doesn't make that the only right way.

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Reasons Not to Call Someone Racist

Reasons Not to Call Someone Racist It may not always be a good idea to call someone a racist, since many people, including bigots themselves, dont have a clear grasp of what racism is. Instead, they think racism is something in which only extremists take part. This means that even if a person does something that screams textbook â€Å"racist† to you, the individual in question will very likely disagree, making your decision to identify him as such backfire. Fortunately, other strategies to deal with racism exist than dropping the R-word. Labeling another person racist sometimes simply doesn’t work. Labeling Others Begets Defensiveness If you’ve ever called someone racist be it a friend, family member or coworker recall the person’s reaction. Did your acquaintance accept the label without question or challenge this description? More than likely, the person tried to defend his or herself and explain away any suggestion that she’s racist. When people become defensive, it’s difficult to get them to understand why their behavior offended others. So, rather than calling someone a name that will probably produce a knee-jerk reaction in him, focus on his behavior and how it upset you. Explain that your feelings were hurt when the person made a sweeping generalization about Latinos and how similar statements have led others to mistreat the racial group. Some Who Are Called Racist Issue Meaningless Apologies When public figures say or do something that society deems racist, they often apologize shortly after the gaffe lands them in the headlines, but this has proven problematic. One never knows if these figures apologize because they understand why their behavior hurt others or due to pressure from civil rights groups and the embarrassment of misstepping racially in public. The same thing can happen between two ordinary people. Say an employee accuses a co-worker of being racist. The co-worker apologizes out of fear of being reported to supervisors, a lawsuit being filed or being judged by fellow staffers, not because she truly feels remorse for causing hurt. Others who apologize for racist behavior may do so with no real agenda. These individuals may apologize because they dislike confrontation and are truly mortified about having said or done something considered racist. They say â€Å"sorry† to silence the other party and quickly get the awkward episode behind them. In each case, those labeled â€Å"racist† give empty apologies, ultimately learning little about racism and the hurt it causes. Racism Has Different Meanings for Different People Your definition of racism may not be the same as another’s  so calling someone else racist may not yield the results you’re after. If the person you believe is racist only considers people in white supremacist groups worthy of the label, it’s unlikely that the two of you will see eye-to-eye. Given this, rather than concentrate on the term â€Å"racist,† instead concentrate on why the person’s words or actions hurt you. Explain why you take issue with the person who clutched her purse when a black youth passed by or who talked down to a Latino serviceman. It’s definitely not your job to get others to â€Å"see the light† about racism, but if you’ve taken the risk of calling someone â€Å"racist,† it’s likely important to you that the individual in question understands why you object to her behavior. Therefore, explain to her that you don’t like when people make assumptions about others based on race. That’s why you spoke out when she clutched her purse upon crossing paths with a black youth. To you, that signals racial prejudice and you hope that she can refrain from such hurtful behavior in the future. Racism Is a General Word Sometimes â€Å"racism† isn’t the best word to describe someone’s behavior because it isn’t specific enough. Rather than using a word such as â€Å"racist,† perhaps you want to point out to a friend that his behavior stereotyped Asian women or that the comment he made about undocumented immigrants was xenophobic. The more specific you are when criticizing people for being racially insensitive, the better chance you have of getting them to see what made their behavior offensive. The Term Is Overused in Certain Circles In some settings, such as colleges and universities, words such as â€Å"racism† are thrown around all the time. The result is that racism and other â€Å"isms† begin to lose their currency. It may not be particularly disturbing for someone who hears references to various â€Å"isms† daily to suddenly find himself on the receiving end of such a term. The individual may easily shrug the label off, noting that  at his college classmates call people racist all the time. It’s then easy for him to reason that you are overreacting by using the term in reference to him. In such situations, you’re far better off focusing on the guy’s behavior than on labeling it. Ask him questions, such as how he knows it’s true that all people of a certain group engage in a particular activity. Challenge him when he professes to know that one racial group is better than another in certain fields. Wrapping Up By focusing on words and actions instead of on labels, you may be able to get individuals who show racial insensitivity to rethink their behavior. By calling them racist, however, you’re much more likely to get an empty apology and defensive rationalizations, all while the person who offended you remains as clueless about racism as ever.

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Mapping an argumetnt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Mapping an argumetnt - Essay Example Besides, it compels the labor unions to serve the workers who do not pay for services. Moreover, the article clearly states that the right-to-work laws can be quite detrimental to the middle class and the small scale businesspeople who can greatly suffer when their businesses lose demand because of reduced purchasing power due to salary reduction. Based on the above facts, I would like to point out that this law is not beneficial. As these scholars argue, it might not advocate for the interests of the workers, but instead be manipulated as a political tool which is merely used to support voting. Because of this, it will advance the interests of the middle ruling class who will make decisions not favoring the lower class (Kathleen, 2011). By doing this, the law will be violating individual democratic rights and contributing to making life more challenging. Hence, in conclusion, the government, through the National Right to Work Committee and the National Chamber of Commerce should ensure that deliberate measures are taken to prevent the right-to-work laws from working against the critical demands of the individual workers, democracy, economy and society. According to Anne McElroy, autism is a very serious public health crisis. Since its outbreak in the 1980s, its effects have been greatly felt by many people. However, this skyrocketed in after the year 2001 when the number of children with this condition tremendously increased. In her opinion, autism has been attributed to the increased quantities of mercury-containing vaccines which were surprisingly recommended by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, it is very unfortunate that the CDC has denied taking responsibility. Instead, it has decided to live in denial and only cheats on people to believe their lies about this crisis. However, McElroy concludes by acknowledging that, as a victim of this crisis, autism really exists and even if CDC denies